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Looking For Something New…Don’t Look Far!


Howard Alan Events has many new artists attending our upcoming summer art shows and their work is must see!!!


Glynnis Miller

Glynnis Miller is a self-taught pencil artist who began drawing at a young age, winning her first award in 4th grade!  Glynnis’ work portrays her lifelong love of horses and the western lifestyle. The ranching community of Elko, Nevada was Glynnis’ home during her school years and the influence of Elko’s ranches, cowboys, rodeos and (of course) horses is evident in her artwork. She has owned and ridden horses for some 30 years an  they hold a special place in her life, heart, and art. Glynnis is now enjoying her first two loves, horses and drawing, and building them into a rewarding second career with multiple honors and awards. The pencil, graphite or charcoal, is Glynnis’ medium of choice. Each drawing is meticulously planned and the result of hundreds of hours with the tiny tip of a sharp pencil. Patience and focus are a requirement with this simplest, yet complex medium. See more of her work at http://www.glynnismillerart.com.

Look for Glynnis Miller’s work at the following shows:

4th Annual Downtown Frisco Art Fair ♦ 10th Annual Downtown Aspen Art Fest ♦ 25th Anniversary Beaver Creek Art Fair ♦ 6th Annual Downtown Frisco Art Fair



Kathleen Kirch

Kathleen Kirch has a passion for wildlife, sunsets, the mountains and flowers. My painting history has been sixteen years with the Decorative Artists Association. She traveled a lot growing up and loved visiting Nation Parks along the way. “I hope to inspire people to appreciate the world and to enjoy what it has to offer through my work.” Kathleen’s oil paintings are beautiful and capture vivid moments in nature with her attention to detail. See more of her work at http://www.kathleenkirch.com.

Look for Kathleen Kirch’s work at the following shows:

5th Downtown Art Annual in Kansas City ♦ 5th Annual Boulder Festival of the Arts on 29th St ♦ 4th Annual Downtown Frisco Art Fair ♦ 10th Anniversary Downtown Aspen Art Fair ♦ 6th Annual Downtown Frisco Art Fair


These are just a couple very talented new artists we will have at our shows. Please see our website for a full list of dates and locations at www.artfestival.com. We look forward to seeing everyone over the summer, you won’t want to miss out!

Art in the Home Artist Spotlight – Scott Menaul


Home Decorating with Howard Alan Events

For many people a house just isn’t a home until they add their own personal touches and some quality artwork to enrich their walls.  We are very lucky at Howard Alan Events because we get to see so many beautiful pieces of artwork all year long.  We often get pictures from  patrons of artwork they found at one of our festivals proudly displayed on a wall that completes their look at home.  Whether it is that niche in the hallway that needs something wonderful or the space over the couch or bed, a visit to a Howard Alan Events Art Festival could match you with the piece of your dreams.  One of the benefits of purchasing a piece of artwork from one of our art festivals is that you get a chance to meet the artists.  If you enter a gallery or store to purchase some artwork you miss out on that connection, getting the story behind the piece and getting to know the artists as well as finding out you might have options to customize certain pieces.  One of our artists who has work in many homes and offices is Scott Menaul of Clearwater, FL.  www.menaul-art.com

Scott J. Menaul is an abstract artist with a unique creative process. His methods allow him to customize artwork, changing colors, dimensions and composition. Each work tells a story which varies from person to person.  “The most exciting artwork, in my opinion, is artwork that compels the viewer to participate in it; that is why I love abstract art,” says the artist.  Influenced by his interests in math and science Menaul’s work combines color, patterns and forms for unique images that never fail to impact the viewer.  Here is an example of Scott’s customizing process, he describes how he made one patron very happy.

Example Customization: Abstract Jungle

Abstract Jungle

One of our clients saw “Abstract Jungle” last month at an art festival in Chicago. She loved the piece, but it didn’t work in her living room. If it were square, and if it had green and orange; then it would work!

I told her, “No problem. Tell us what colors you need and we’ll change the artwork.” She called me later and said that the green was “Meadow Twilight 6006-8C.” We got the color swatch locally from the same supplier and changed the artwork using that green. We sent her a paper proof printed on the same printer that we use to print our canvases. She received the proof the next day and loved it.

We proceeded with the production of her custom colored canvas version of “Abstract Jungle” and shipped it the following week. We couldn’t get a photograph, but here is a 3D rendering of the color scheme.

Step-by-Step Customization Process

1. Look through our online gallery and choose your favorite pieces.

2. Send us your color information, such as paint colors, fabric samples, etc.

3. If possible, email us a picture of the room you want the artwork in.

4. Scott will create a concept for you and post it to a private web page. If you sent a picture, he’ll also place the artwork in the photo of the room so you can see if it fits well.

5. Once approved, you’ll be sent a color accurate paper proof so you can see it in your environment.

6. Once that’s approved, we’ll create the finished piece on canvas and ship it to you.

We are looking forward to working with you to create a custom piece that matches the colors, size, mood and style to enhance your home or office.

Still have questions? Call us at 877-257-9199.

Are you on Pinterest?  We are, check out our boards at http://pinterest.com/artfestivals/.  If you have a great story of finding a piece of art for your home from a Howard Alan Event Art Festival send a picture to nicole@artfestival.com, you will be featured on our Pinterest board and Facebook.

Howard Alan Events Schedule Change Announcement


There have been some exciting new changes made

to the Fall Art Festival schedule.

The 4th Annual Coconut Point Fall Art Fair in Estero, FL that was scheduled to take place on November 17th & 18th, 2012 was moved to December 29th & 30th, 2012 in the same location. This is now taking place on New Year’s Weekend, which is a very busy weekend for Coconut Point and a great time around the holidays for visitors! This is also the same weekend we had the show last year, and it was a very successful show.
Howard Alan Events is proud to announce we will be back in Jacksonville to produce The San Marco Art Festival on November 17th & 18th, 2012. We are excited to be back in Jacksonville! The show will be set up downtown on San Marco Boulevard. We hope you will join us on one or BOTH of these great weekends!


2nd Annual Coconut Point New Years Weekend Art Festival

December 29th & 30th, 2012

The Coconut Point shops are the center of focus for a 500-acre, master planned community that is more than a shopping center in Estero, FL. With over 100 stores and 25 restaurants, all surrounding several acres of lakes with a boardwalk, these shops are an excellent location where thousands of visitors gather for shopping, dining and entertainment!

The San Marco Art Festival (Jacksonville, FL)

November 17th & 18th, 2012

We are excited to be back in San Marco for another great Art Festival, set up in the heart of downtown on San Marco Boulevard. Jacksonville is a busy city with shops, restaurants and upscale merchants. This Art savvy town is the perfect place for an art festival.  We look forward to seeing you there in the fall!


Please contact us with any questions at 561-746-6615.

Local Sarasota Artists Serendipity will be at the Siesta Fiesta


The Power of Imagination Captured in Glass

Arleen and Michael work as a team in the design and creation of their line of handcrafted stained glass art jewelry. Arleen has been an artist all of her life. For many years she filled her palate with various paint mediums and, now, she paints with glass. “Glass gives me boundless artistic potential. With an unlimited array of hues, textures and patterns, I am able to produce one-of-a-kind creations. I recognize that I am creating each piece for a special individual. It is such a joy when the jewelry and the person come together.”  Meet the Parkers this weekend at the Siesta Fiesta!

Arleen Parker’s art career began at age four when her Grandfather, who was in the scrap business, would bring home boxes containing treasures which would stimulate her imagination. These surprise boxes contained everything from feathers to sequins and lace which Arleen would in turn design her “art projects”.

Arleen studied art at the University of Cincinnati. In 1982 she developed a line of hand painted apparel which was carried by Macy’s. Her love of painting spread to canvas, as well as faux marbling endeavors. She was introduced to stained glass by her good friend and artist, Denise Cahill. Denise would always say that ” I taught Arleen the basics and she flew with it.” Arleen constructed larger stained glass windows and doors. This art form evolved into smaller wearable pieces of art glass which she currently exhibits. Denise died of breast cancer in 2007. Arleen contributes a portion of each show to the Susan Komen Foundation for the Cure in her honor.

Arleen showed her art at local shows in and around Atlanta for many years. One day in 1998 she mentioned to her husband, Michael, that she would like to travel and do art shows all over the country. He said, Sounds great, let’s do it”. The rest is history. The Parker’s travel year round from southern FL to northern MI and points in between under their canopy named “Serendipity Studio”.Serendipity means an “unexpected gift”. When designing a wearable piece of art, we never know who it is being made for. It is always a “Serendipity” when the piece chooses its owner.

The name Serendipity came to us this way: On the day we discovered our dream home in the North Georgia Mountains (June 1988), our horoscope read, …”seek to live your life as in Serendipity!”  When we pulled into the driveway of the last home the realtor had scheduled to show us, the house sign read “Serendipity”.  Somewhat in shock, we looked at each other and said, “this must be home!”

Arleen and Michael also give glass “wish stones” to their show visitors. They are told to make a wish on their stone and told that every time they do a good deed they can make another wish. They are also told that when they touch their wish stone, they show be grateful for something. This custom began the week after September 11th. The Parkers estimate that they have given out over 50,000 wishing stone.

“Never Let Go Of Your Dreams!”

ArtFest By The Sea


It was a busy weekend with shows in both Venice and Fort Lauderdale, also a windy weekend which presented a few problems but our fantastic artists pulled it off successfully.  Now we turn our attention to the beach, Juno Beach and  ArtFest by the Sea, a beloved show of many returns this weekend.  Nestled oceanfront along AIA in Juno Beach over 300 artists from around the country will set up their tents and display their beautiful pieces to the eager patrons.

Jupiter is right up the road and fans of the Jupiter Lighthouse will want to come out and meet Cam Chapman, a photographer who captures the Jupiter Lighthouse in some beautiful shots.  According to his website: “The sea is relentless and unforgiving, but also reassuringly consistent.  And I am in awe of its sentry, the lighthouse; how it silhouettes the endless sky, straddles the rugged land,
shoulders the powerful water.
It is portrait-worthy. It’s a rush, riding out to the shore on my Harley in the pre-dawn darkness, anticipating the moment of sunrise.  The ever-changing light, the shadows and reflections it casts, are amazing in this environment. But some days it does not find its balance, though the lighthouse stands ready. So I will return as often as needed, because it’s a waiting

game I love to play with the sun.  I will spend hours finessing its proper balance. To capture that light, just as it shapes my portrait composition perfectly, is when the timeless icons of the sea become art.I hope that you enjoy viewing these images, as much as I’ve enjoyed photographing them.”

Steve Vaughn will also be displaying a photo of the Jupiter Lighthouse, along with two other shots of the Jupiter Inlet.  Steve Vaughn is know for his sweeping panoramic photos, mostly covering tropical locations.  You can see more of his work here at his website.Speaking of the Jupiter Inlet, our poster image for ArtFest By the Sea was painted by April W Davis.  Gateway to Paradise, Jupiter Inlet captures the sunrise and the Jupiter Lighthouse and Inlet.  You can enter to win a Giclee of this image by clicking here.  April Davis has always found her artistic inspiration in the splendor of the surrounding natural environment. By using her inherent talent as an artist, she focuses on bringing out the beauty and tranquility of a specific scene. Since moving to Florida 15 years ago, April has become known for her brilliant tropical landscapes. Most recently April completed a cityscape of Lincoln Road in South Beach, FL – the second in a series she is creating of cities throughout the country. April is presently working from her new studio/gallery in Jupiter, FL. This Giclee is the fantastic results from an early morning venture to witness the sunrise on the Jupiter Inlet. Gateway to Paradise will be a lovely addition to your home!


22nd Annual Downtown Stuart Art Festival, Artist Jim Matheson


Our next Howard Alan Event is the  22nd Annual Downtown Stuart Art Festival.

Historic Downtown Stuart is the proud recipient of the title “Most Beautiful City” from America In Bloom and called a “small Intracoastal gem on the Treasure Coast” by Coastal Living Magazine.  A quick look around and you will see a downtown filled with a great mix of shopping, arts, the historic Lyric Theater, Stuart Heritage Museum and many dining options.

Coastal Living Magazine

Local Stuart Artist Jim Matheson

creates his art through a Japanese art from called GYOTAKU.  A technique that began in the 1850’s by fisherman as a way to record the size and other information about their catch.  The process evolved into an art form.

An Overview of the GYOTAKU process.

Step one the artist cleans the fish and applies paint or ink to the fish making sure it is positioned to highlight the body in the best way.

Step two the artist lays Japanese rice paper over the painted fish and rubs it to imprint the fish.  The paper is carefully removed and left to dry.  Step three the artist will paint the eyes on the fish to complete their replica.  The artists can then clean the fish, freeze it to un-thaw and paint again another day.

Jim Matheson is an avid fisherman and studied the art of Gyotaku in Sarasota with 2 local artists there.   Jim says that he loves to reproduce the fish he catches on his own fishing trips and admires the beauty in their form and color.  The majority of Jim’s paintings are of native Florida fish.

You can meet Jim and discuss GYOTAKU further this weekend at the Stuart Art Festival on Osceola Street in Stuart.  Stop by and check them out!

6th Annual Coconut Point Art Festival (February 11th & 12th, 2012)


This weekend (February 11th & 12th, 2012), Howard Alan Events is proud to present 6th Annual Coconut Point Art Festival in Estero, Florida.

The Coconut Point Art Festivals, replacing Howard Alan Events’ premier art festivals traditionally held in Downtown Naples, have become welcome events at this popular dining and retail destination.  Festival goers will be able to comfortably stroll among the spacious isles of gallery style booths located on the parking fields of Coconut Point and explore the original art on display and for sale.

“Our jury process is very selective, this is how we ensure a diverse and eclectic mix of styles and media that appeal to a broad variety of art enthusiasts and collectors,” says festival promoter Howard Alan.  “There is truly something for everyone.”

Times are Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm. Admission is free and open to the public. The navigational address is: 23130 Fashion Drive, Estero, FL 33928.

Here are a few artists you will be able to meet at the show this weekend:

Cameron Gillie : Photography

The first artist we would like to introduce to you is Cameron Gillie. Cameron’s true passion in photography has always been photographing the wonders of the natural world that we all are so closely intertwined with, but in our day to day life between work and home, rarely stop to appreciate. You can learn more about this artist HERE.

Bruce Holwerda : Paintings

Next, we have Bruce Holwerda. People are always wondering where Bruce gets his ideas. If he were to be honest, one painting session years ago he veered off course a bit and took a serious pose and got wacky with it. He remembers thinking “This is what I’m supposed to do”. You can view his online gallery of work HERE.

Nancy Lee Judd : Jewelry

Finally, we would like to introduce to you Nancy Lee Judd. Nancy started her jewelry career in 1985 in New Orleans apprenticing with some very talented jewelers. She has worked in most areas of the jewelry industry and has attended many traveling seminars and clinics. Her work is gorgeous! You can see more of her collections HERE.

You will be able to meet the artists mentioned above along with 150 other artists from around the United States! Don’t be the one to miss out on this terrific event.

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More Artists : 11th Annual Hobe Sound Festival of the Arts


Because the 11th Annual Hobe Sound Festival of the Arts will be here in two days – we wanted to give you a sneak peek of a few artists you will be able to meet at the show this weekend!

Take a look below:

James Klinger : Pottery

Sarena Mann : Mixed Media

Steve Pawloski : Jewelry

Debra & Dave Vanderlann : Photography

Don’t see the artist you were looking for above? You can check-out our Participating Artists List HERE.

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The Process of Becoming an Established Artist


Becoming an established artist takes time, patience and talent! This blog post is going to be for those artists who are novices in the art festival world.

1. Believe in yourself and stay positive!

If you don’t think your artwork is the best that there is, then why would a customer want to buy it? You must have faith in your artwork and know that YOU are the expert! Additionally, your attitude can have a huge affect on your customers. We’ve heard stories from customers who bought artwork because the artist was positive and uplifting.

2. Become a business.

Get business cards, licenses, etc. Like we said in a previous blog post, you must have business cards when you exhibit at an art festival. Additionally, research ways to market yourself. Here are some great suggestions: create a website, get involved with social networking sites, hand-out Howard Alan Events Connoisseur Guides (which will allow your customers to know where you exhibit your work) & have an address book at the festivals where you can collect customers’ information.

3. Build a name for yourself.

When you attend art festivals, make yourself known for what you do. Find your niche. For example, Debbie Flowers, from Loxahatchee, Florida, has established herself as a potter. Each unique piece comes handpainted in bright Key West colors or in lively Palm Beach earth tones:

Susan Painter: Pottery

Do you have advice? Share it below! We would love to hear from our established artists who already exhibit in our art festivals.

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When Are March Booth Fees Due?


We know it can get difficult to remember when booth fees are due, since most artists are exhibiting in a show almost every weekend. To help you out – we decided to inform you when the booth fees are due for ALL of March’s shows.

Take a look at our diagrams below:


03/03-03/04 11th Annual Downtown Venice Art Classic (Venice, Florida)DUE FEBRUARY 3RD
03/03-03/04 24th Annual Las Olas Art Fair Part II (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)DUE FEBRUARY 3RD
03/10-03/11 24th Annual Art Fest by the Sea (Jupiter/Juno Beach, Florida)DUE FEBRUARY 10TH
03/17-03/18 48th Annual Rotary Key Biscayne Art Festival (Miami, FL)DUE FEBRUARY 17TH
03/17-03/18 8th Annual Coral Springs Festival of the Arts (Southeast, FL)DUE FEBRUARY 17TH
03/24-03/25 23rd Annual Hyde Park Village Art Fair (Tampa, Florida)DUE FEBRUARY 24TH
03/31-04/01 2nd Annual CityPlace Art Fair (West Palm Beach, Florida)DUE FEBRUARY 31ST


03/03-03/04 3rd Annual The Villages Craft Festival at La Plaza GrandeDUE FEBRUARY 3RD
03/10-03/11 16th Annual Lauderdale by the Sea Craft Festival (Fort Lauderdale, FL)DUE FEBRUARY 10TH
03/17-03/18 8th Annual Coral Springs Festival of the Arts (Southeast, FL)DUE FEBRUARY 17TH
03/24-03/25 10th Annual Downtown Sarasota Art & Craft Festival - DUE FEBRUARY 24TH
03/31-04/01 9th Annual St. Pete Beach Corey Area Craft FestivalDUE FEBRUARY 31ST

Please remember that we try the best that we can to work with ALL our artists and crafters. Almost every other show promoter requires the booth fees to be paid in full at the time that you apply. We only require a deposit – and then ask that you kindly pay 30 days prior to the show.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 561-746-6615 or info@artfestival.com.

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