Featured Colorado Artist: Danielle Foushee


Howard Alan Events is proud to have Danielle Foushee as an exhibitor in the 9th Annual Downtown Aspen Art Festival in Aspen, Colorado on July 23rd & 24th, 2011.

Artist and graphic designer Danielle Foushee lives in Seattle, Washington. She spends a lot of time working and playing in Los Angeles, California where she lived for ten years. She loves to compare the cultural qualities of all the places she’s lived including Grand Junction, Colorado; Logan, Utah; Detroit, Michigan; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Birmingham, Alabama. It is this rich diversity of the American experience that gives Danielle’s work its unique blend of contradictory qualities — wilderness vs. civilization, artifice vs. nature, silence vs. language, spirit vs. science, and tradition vs. progress.

Here are some examples of her work below:

Danielle Foushee: Mixed Media

Danielle Foushee: Mixed Media

Danielle Foushee: Mixed Media

 Make sure you stop by Danielle’s booth to ask about her work and inspirations. You can view more of her work HERE.

If you have any questions about this blog, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 561-746-6615 or info@artfestival.com.

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About Howard Alan Events

For nearly three decades, Howard Alan and American Craft Endeavors have allowed more than 10,000 artists to exhibit their original work to millions across The United States. When our company began, our art and craft shows showcased a handful of exhibitors. Today, a typical Howard Alan or American Craft Endeavors event features 100-300 talented artists and fine crafters. No matter where you are, you are sure to find one of our stellar events nearby. Our shows take us to destinations like Aspen, Chicago, Alexandria, Vail, and Fort Lauderdale…just to name a few! Our great outdoor venues, fantastic crafters, and talented artists allow us to consistently be ranked among the top art and craft shows in the country. Visit a show and see for yourself why we are the very best!

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