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The Process of Becoming an Established Artist


Becoming an established artist takes time, patience and talent! This blog post is going to be for those artists who are novices in the art festival world.

1. Believe in yourself and stay positive!

If you don’t think your artwork is the best that there is, then why would a customer want to buy it? You must have faith in your artwork and know that YOU are the expert! Additionally, your attitude can have a huge affect on your customers. We’ve heard stories from customers who bought artwork because the artist was positive and uplifting.

2. Become a business.

Get business cards, licenses, etc. Like we said in a previous blog post, you must have business cards when you exhibit at an art festival. Additionally, research ways to market yourself. Here are some great suggestions: create a website, get involved with social networking sites, hand-out Howard Alan Events Connoisseur Guides (which will allow your customers to know where you exhibit your work) & have an address book at the festivals where you can collect customers’ information.

3. Build a name for yourself.

When you attend art festivals, make yourself known for what you do. Find your niche. For example, Debbie Flowers, from Loxahatchee, Florida, has established herself as a potter. Each unique piece comes handpainted in bright Key West colors or in lively Palm Beach earth tones:

Susan Painter: Pottery

Do you have advice? Share it below! We would love to hear from our established artists who already exhibit in our art festivals.

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When Are March Booth Fees Due?


We know it can get difficult to remember when booth fees are due, since most artists are exhibiting in a show almost every weekend. To help you out – we decided to inform you when the booth fees are due for ALL of March’s shows.

Take a look at our diagrams below:


03/03-03/04 11th Annual Downtown Venice Art Classic (Venice, Florida)DUE FEBRUARY 3RD
03/03-03/04 24th Annual Las Olas Art Fair Part II (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)DUE FEBRUARY 3RD
03/10-03/11 24th Annual Art Fest by the Sea (Jupiter/Juno Beach, Florida)DUE FEBRUARY 10TH
03/17-03/18 48th Annual Rotary Key Biscayne Art Festival (Miami, FL)DUE FEBRUARY 17TH
03/17-03/18 8th Annual Coral Springs Festival of the Arts (Southeast, FL)DUE FEBRUARY 17TH
03/24-03/25 23rd Annual Hyde Park Village Art Fair (Tampa, Florida)DUE FEBRUARY 24TH
03/31-04/01 2nd Annual CityPlace Art Fair (West Palm Beach, Florida)DUE FEBRUARY 31ST


03/03-03/04 3rd Annual The Villages Craft Festival at La Plaza GrandeDUE FEBRUARY 3RD
03/10-03/11 16th Annual Lauderdale by the Sea Craft Festival (Fort Lauderdale, FL)DUE FEBRUARY 10TH
03/17-03/18 8th Annual Coral Springs Festival of the Arts (Southeast, FL)DUE FEBRUARY 17TH
03/24-03/25 10th Annual Downtown Sarasota Art & Craft Festival DUE FEBRUARY 24TH
03/31-04/01 9th Annual St. Pete Beach Corey Area Craft FestivalDUE FEBRUARY 31ST

Please remember that we try the best that we can to work with ALL our artists and crafters. Almost every other show promoter requires the booth fees to be paid in full at the time that you apply. We only require a deposit – and then ask that you kindly pay 30 days prior to the show.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 561-746-6615 or

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The Difference Between a Facebook Profile & Fan Page


We have had quite a few questions and concerns from our artists about the differences between a Facebook Profile Page and a Facebook Fan Page. It’s important to know the difference – because they can be used to market your artwork and grow your business!

Here are the details about a Facebook Profile Page:

This is for individual users and is created by visiting Facebook and signing up for an account. You’re putting your “Face” on Facebook. It’s your name, picture, video of your kids, etc. Posting updates in your life makes it easy for you to connect with your friends! You’re posting your status updates, videos, pictures, sending messages, writing on walls, and socializing within Facebook. A Facebook profile should NOT be used as your business page.

Here are the details about a Facebook Fan Page:

Once you create a Facebook profile you can use that account to create a Facebook Business Fan Page for your business. This is where you can post business information: events, videos, photos, specials, promos — and encourage your fans to ‘like’ you, post testimonials and help spread the word about your business stories.

**It’s important to know the difference between the two – because you don’t want to mix your personal life with your business! It’s not appropriate and very unprofessional.

**Do you need help with getting started? We are more than happy to guide you through the process! You can contact or

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Artists Highlights Through The Week


To honor our 3 shows this weekend – we would like to post some of the beautiful artwork that artists posted on our Facebook wall this week to promote Boca Fest, Downtown Dunedin Art Festival & Downtown Venice Craft Festival!

Enjoy the beautiful artwork:

Luisa Velasquez : Boca Fest - Booth #94

Alexa & Peter Smarsh - Boca Fest : Booth #89

Erik Laffer : Downtown Dunedin - Booth #54

Skip & Moonstone White - Dunedin Art Festival : Booth #21

Julia Dressler : Downtown Venice Craft Festival

Karen Hull : Downtown Venice Craft Festival

What show do you plan on attending this weekend? Please share with us!

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$15,000 Art Festival Shopping Spree


Attention! We are anticipating the 6th Annual Coconut Point Art Festival that will be in Estero, Florida on February 11th & 12th, 2012. We have an incredible contest in the works for this show! Susan G. Komen will be raffling off a $15,000 Art Festival Shopping Spree! 

Here is how our artists can get involved:

  • Where: Coconut Point
  • When: February 11-12, 2012
  • What makes it the best: Howard Alan Event’s signature major advertising and publicity campaign is in full effect.
  • What’s Unique:  We have teamed up with Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for the weekend.
  • What’s Different: Susan G. Komen is raffling off a $15,000 Art Festival Shopping Spree!
  • How it will help: The Foundation has unbelievable local media ties and we will promote the festival and raffle heavily prior to the event via their television connections.
  • We need you! By donating a generous tax deductible gift certificate redeemable at your booth to the charity, you can help make this raffle a success.

How it will work:

Send an email to indicating the amount you’d like to donate (you may also donate the amount for a specific piece – however, we need a description of it).

Let’s say you’d like to donate and it’s $150. Simply email Maria with your name and your medium and that you’d like to donate $150. That’s it! Please remember that yor participation in the raffle is voluntary.

Susan G. Komen will create a gift certificate redeemable at your booth for the amount that you indicate.

When the winner is given your gift certificate they can redeem it for $150 worth of art in your booth.

For example: If they have their eye on a piece that is $500, they would pay you the difference.

Artist Facebook Fan Pages


Attention Artists!

We have a great idea that we would like to share with you. We would like any artist (specifically a Howard Alan Events Artist) to inform us if they have a facebook fan page. You can email: We will promote YOU, YOUR WORK & YOUR FAN PAGE.

We just ask for one thing in return: that you promote our fan page, as well! (You can check-out our fan page HERE.)

We would like for this to be a win/win situation for everyone. Let’s spread the word about ALL Howard Alan Events artists!

Howard Alan Events : Facebook Fan Page

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