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Don’t Just Make A Sale, Build a Relationship


Each week, we receive phone calls from past patrons looking to connect with an artist that they saw at a show in an effort to purchase work from them. The impact each one of you makes on the visitors you interact with each weekend at a show is truly incredible.

This got us thinking…are you maximizing the time you spend with potential customers at shows? We wanted to share a few ideas for maximizing your face time with potential customers and garnering a loyal customer base.

Contact Information

  • Do you attach your business card to each bill or receipt?
    • Putting your contact information on multiple places increases the chance that your customer will keep it.


  • Are you tooting your own horn enough?
    • Passing out fliers that list your upcoming shows is a great way to garner repeat business.
    • Make sure your fliers are on brightly colored paper or include an eye-catching design to ensure it doesn’t end up discarded.


  • Are you spending time getting to know your customers and forming relationships with them?
    • Asking your prospective customers specific questions is a great way to start a conversation that can lead to a sale.
    • Be approachable and friendly, customers want to buy from people they feel a connection to and trust.

Social Media (It isn’t a dirty word)

  • Are you communicating with your customers electronically?
    • An email list is a free and easy way to communicate with a large number of people in a quick manner.
    • Have you considered a facebook or twitter page to update your customers on show dates and showcase new work?

Nurture your relationships

  • Stay in touch with your customers, call them to follow up and see how your piece is doing. A follow up phone call to eventually lead to the sale of another piece.
    • Business cards can be easily misplaced, but by you taking the first step in continuing the conversation, you will be fresh in your customers’ minds.

Don’t be a stranger

  • Have you updated your contact information with Howard Alan Events and American Craft Endeavors?
    • Making sure we have your business phone, website, email, and mailing address is crucial in case a patron contacts us in search of you and your work.

We hope some of these tips can help you increase your customer base and help you create long lasting relationships with patrons at all of your future shows.

Happy Customers

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Howard Alan Events Hosting Ad Contest!


Attention all artists & fine crafters!

We are hosting a competition to find a new ad for all our shows in 2012 – for both our fine art shows and craft shows!

We are asking our artists to create a new, original & modern ad that will be used across the United States in all our PR & marketing efforts.

Here is what the winner will receive:

(1) Your name will appear on all the ads that are used to promote our shows.

(2) $1 million worth of advertising across the country.

(3) You will receive a free art or craft show.

We are looking for a new art festival ad and a craft festival ad! This competition will end on December 1st, 2011. Please submit your ads to elisabeth@artfestival.com.

Las Olas Art Fair Ad - 2011

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Attention Hyde Park Artists!


Attention Hyde Park Artists! First of all, we are excited to have you as an exhibitor in our 21st Annual Hyde Park Village Art Fair in Tampa, Florida on October 30th & 31st. We look forward to seeing you next weekend.

We wanted to write this blog to share with you (& any other Tampa area artists) a great advertising/marketing tool we found.

The online Tampa Tribune has a section where artists can post their name, contact information, type of artwork & where they will be exhibiting in the Tampa area. You can let all your present and future customers know that you will be attending the Hyde Park Village Art Fair. What a fabulous promoting tool! The best part about it is that it’s FREE!

Click HERE to post all your information in the artist database on Tampa Tribune’s online website.

Hyde Park: 2009

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