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5 Things To Do At An Art Festival


For as far back as we can remember, art fairs and festivals have widely attended across the country by artists and the like.  An art festival is a celebration of both art and artists, and is often used to promote art among the masses. Typically held in an aesthetic setting, such as a waterfront park or a bustling downtown street, an art festival typically features displays of artwork by several artists.  Since most all art festivals are open to the public, here are a few reasons to attend these free weekend events.

1. You will get the opportunity to meet the artists who actually create their own work and begin a relationship with them.  Traveling to art festivals not only gives you the opportunity to know and see other parts of the country, but it gives you a chance to follow your favorite artists over the years and watch their work evolve.

2. Interact and get to know specific artists and fine crafters from the local area of the show.  Learn what specific things they draw inspiration from, regionally.

3. Art fairs give you the opportunity to commission unique pieces of art- allowing a more personalized work.  Some artists will even create specific artwork or commemorative pieces for an art festival. For annual art shows, these commemorative pieces are often highly collectible items that are available in limited quantities.

4. Some art festivals will also feature workshops, studio demonstrations and meet-and-greets with artists.  Learn techniques and inspirations from some of the worlds best artists.

5. Indulge in the regional cuisine of the area of the show.  Local food vendors and merchants often times provide food that is known and respected in the area.

Of course, there are many other things to do and reasons to attend art festivals.  Howard Alan Events produces 90 arts and crafts festivals each year.  Please see our calendar of events to help you decide how many of our events you would like to attend.  We have many patrons who anticipate our shows for months, so we hope to see you there!

Calendar of Events

The 4th Annual Hilton Head Island Art Festival on Memorial Day Weekend!


Memorial Day Weekend In Hilton Head

This holiday weekend you need to do something exciting, and the 4th Annual Hilton Head Island Art Festival is where you should be! The show will be held at the famous Shelter Cove Harbor, which is nationally known for being one of the most popular resort and shopping districts in the Hilton Head area. This exquisite backdrop combined with the excitement of the holiday weekend creates an exceptional environment to feature the creations of Country’s most extraordinary artists. You won’t want to miss out on a weekend filled with art and fun!


 Date & Time: May 26th & 27th, 2012    Saturday & Sunday 10AM-5PM

Navigational Address:  1 Harbourside Ln. Hilton Head Island, SC 29938

See you at the show!!!

Howard Alan Events



Shop Local This Holiday Season


This Thanksgiving Weekend is last chance to find unique holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Have a relative that is impossible to buy for? There’s something for everything this weekend at our shows.

Shop the 12th Annual Downtown Delray Thanksgiving Weekend Art Fest and the 12th Annual Lauderdale by the Sea Craft Festival this weekend for one-of-a-kind creations.

Avoid the mobs, crowded megastores, and stuffy malls; and enjoy shopping out in the sunshine of gorgeous downtown venues!

Both fabulous shows allow you the ability to participate in Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to supporting small American businesses during the holiday season. Buying handmade gifts from local artists, supporting the local economy, and checking everyone off your list? Sounds like a win, win to us!

Shopping makes everyone happy!

11th Annual Downtown Delray Beach Thanksgiving Weekend Art Festival RECAP!


Over the weekend, there was an art festival in Downtown Delray Beach, Florida. It was the 11th Annual Downtown Delray Beach Thanksgiving Weekend Art Festival. Despite the rain on Sunday, there was an active crowd all weekend long!

We have pictures we would love to share with you…

Crowd Shot #1

Crowd Shot #2

Crowds in Cecilia Gonzales' Jewelry Booth

You can view a complete photo album from the art festival this weekend if you click HERE.

We have a little break before our next fine art festival, which is a Sunday and Monday show! It’s not until December 26th & 27th, 2010! It’s our 4th Annual Downtown Delray Beach Holiday Time Art & Craft Festival.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave a comment below, call (954) 472-3755 or email info@artfestival.com.

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20th Anniversary Tarpon Springs Thanksgiving Weekend Craft Festival


This weekend, American Craft Endeavors is proud to present this weekend’s craft festival! It’s the 20th Anniversary Tarpon Springs Thanksgiving Weekend Craft Festival. It will be held in Tarpon Springs, Florida on November 27th & 28th, 2010.

Tarpon Springs is home to beautiful residential areas, saltwater bayous and a group of other beautiful waterways. At this show, you are sure to find the most original in hand-crafted work displayed by America’s finest crafters. Get your holiday shopping started with this craft festival!

Here is some additional information:

What: 20th Anniversary Tarpon Springs Thanksgiving Weekend Craft Festival

When: November 27th & 28th, 2020

Where: 161 East Tarpon Avenue, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

Times: Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm

Admission: Free and open to the public.

Now, here is Who you can expect…

Lee DayVault & Mimi Alexander: Wood Signs

Lee DayVault & Mimi Alexander began their business at a Labor Day festival. They created bags and wooden signs. The wooden signs completely sold-out during this festival while they only sold five bags. This sparked an idea for their business. They now have over 2,000 wooden sign designs! Click HERE to see more of their signs.

Bruce Egolf: Pens

Bruce Egolf‘s theme is “turning trash into treasure”, which is exactly what he does when he creates his pens. For example, the pens in the picture above are made from an old bowling ball. To see more of Bruce’s work, click HERE.

Michael & Kira Dworkin: Jewelry

Michael & Kira Dworkin have been handcrafting exquisite unique designs for over fifteen years. Their jewelry is created with the finest components using pearls, semiprecious stones, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver & 14kt. gold filled findings. To view more of their one-of-a-kind jewelry, click HERE.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave a comment below, call (954) 472-3755 or email info@artfestival.com.

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14th Annual The Villages Craft Festival


One of our most popular craft festivals will be returning to The Villages, Florida this weekend (November 6th & 7th). It’s the 14th Annual The Villages Craft Festival!

Located north of Ocala, this small town is so beautiful! The show is held at Lake Sumter Landing. Do not hesitate on this one because it’s one of the top craft festivals in Florida!

Here is a glimpse of who you will see exhibiting at the show:

Judith & Dick Beaupre

Judith and Dick Beaupre create beautiful, hand-crafted works of art made from native dried palm fronds and other plants from Florida. It’s hard to believe that the elephant in the picture is entirely made from Florida plants! Click HERE if you would like to see more of their artwork.

Lisa Glenn

Lisa Glenn has developed her own line of natural skin care products. She uses all natural ingredients and blends different natural oils together. Her products are the ultimate cleanse that your body needs! To see more of Lisa’s body products, click HERE.

Bonnie Walker

Bonnie Walker’s “Sunlight Catcher” would be a beautiful addition outside your home or in your garden. Her product can be used as a plant hook, as well! To see more of Bonnie’s artwork, click HERE.

The Villages will have something for everyone!

Now, here is some additional information about the show:

When: November 6th & 7th, 2010

Where: Lake Sumter Landing – 1129 Canal St., The Villages, FL. 32162

Times: Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm

Admission: FREE

Contact: info@artfestival.com or (954) 472-3755

Website: http://www.artfestival.com

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We Are In Baltimore This Weekend!


We cannot wait for the 2nd Annual Inner Harbor Art Festival that will be held THIS WEEKEND (October 9th & 10th, 2010) in Baltimore, Maryland! Make sure you do not miss out on this must-see event. It’s located in the perfect area with plenty to do.

This festival has been well-marketed! Look where you can find it:

WBAL Channel 11 will be taping behind-the-scenes on Friday (10/8/10) as artists set-up from 10am-4pm. This segment will air 5pm on Friday (10/8/10) and on Saturday (10/9/10) morning. What a great way to build the excitement!

If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you check-out Baltimore.org because we are listed under their “Events Coming Soon”. You can find out all the information there (as well as our website)!


Check us out on Baltimore.org!


Here is some general information about the festival that you will need to know if you are in the Baltimore area:

WHO: 2nd Annual Inner Harbor Art Festival

WHEN: October 9th, & 10th, 2010

WHERE: 601 East Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 21202

TIMES: Saturday 10am-7pm & Sunday 10am-5pm

ADMISSION: Free and open to the public.

CONTACT: info@artfestival.com or call us at (954) 472-3755

We will see YOU this weekend! Please make sure to let us know what a great time you had.

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11th Annual Downtown Stuart Craft Festival (Sept. 25-26)


This weekend, we have a fantastic craft show! It’s the 11th Annual Downtown Stuart Craft Festival, which is located on Osceola Boulevard in Stuart, Florida. Here are several talented artists that will be present this weekend:

Scott Buccina: Stone Sculpture

First, we have Scott Buccina! He creates beautiful stone sculptures. If you would like to see more of his artwork and learn more about this talented artist, click HERE.

Will Grant: Acrylic

Next, we have Will Grant! Will has been working with acrylics for over fourteen years. His artwork ranges from sculptures to end tables to pedestals. You can see more of his artwork if you check-out his website HERE.

Judy Wolfe: Mixed Media

The final artist I would like to share with you is Judy Wolfe! Judy has been an artist her entire life. Above, you can see her “Gourd Art”. These specific pieces in the picture are called “Flower Tops”. If you would like to see more of her artwork, you can visit Judy’s website HERE.

Now that you are aware of the amazing talent that will be present at the 11th Annual Downtown Stuart Craft Festival, I am going to give you the rest of the details!

Who: 11th Annual Downtown Stuart Craft Festival

What: Craft Festival

When: September 25th & 26th, 2011

Where: 26 SW Osceola Street, Stuart, FL 34994

Why: To support the arts and the local community.

Times: Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm

Admission: Free and open to the public.

Description: Stuart is located on the banks of the St. Lucie River and downtown Stuart brims with activity daily. With over 70 gift shops, restaurants and clothing stores, downtown Stuart is certainly the place to enjoy beautiful fine craft and the Annual Downtown Stuart Craft Festival is the perfect location!

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Comment below or send us an email at info@artfestival.com! You can even give us a call at (954) 472-3755!

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American Craft Endeavors is Heading to Punta Gorda!


This weekend we have our 13th Annual Punta Gorda Sullivan Street Craft Festival on September 11th & 12th. The craft festival is on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm. The admission is free, so tell your friends and family to come! The location of the art festival is:

331 Sullivan St., Punta Gorda, FL. 33950

I would like to share with you some of the artists who will be accompanying us. First, we have…

Cindy Logan

Cindy Logan! In the picture above, I have an example of her artwork. These unique creature pots are hand-crafted utilizing ceramic. On her website, she posted pictures of some of her clients using her artwork as flower pots. If you would like to see more of Cindy Logan’s artwork, click HERE. Next, we have Hayley Zimmass!

Hayley Zimmass

Hayley also creates her artwork using ceramics. There’s a whimsical touch tied in with all her various art pieces. They range from butter dishes to mirrors to hanging wall-art. Additionally, she has a section on her website dedicated to cheese domes. If you would like to see her artwork, click HERE.

Our third artist we would like to share with you is…

Anisa Stewart

Anisa Stewart! Her contemporary and wildlife jewelry is absolutely stunning. Anisa creates her jewelry using the “wax casting method”. This means that she starts off by by carving an original wax model. Next, she takes this model and burns out the wax and pours the molten metal into the void. This allows her to make her jewelry more detailed. If you would like to see Anisa’s website, click HERE.

We cannot wait to see everyone in Punta Gorda (FL) this weekend!

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Meet John Lemon!


We are very lucky to have John Lemon as one of our artists who will be participating in the 2nd Annual Downtown Venice Labor Day Weekend Craft Festival on September 4th & 5th. Not only are we excited, but also the actual town of Venice is excited to have John Lemon because they are having him on several segments on ABC 7. John’s interview will air on “Suncoast Scenes” and “Event of the Week” on Thursday night (Sept. 2nd) and Friday morning (Sept. 3rd).

ABC News filming John.

Here is a great photo from the actual interview. You can see John Lemon in action! Make sure you don’t miss this on ABC 7!

John working on a sculpture.

John is an accomplished sculptor. You can see from the picture above that he is a very hard worker! Since 2002, he has been providing sculpture for corporate clients, such as Outback Steakhouse and Bonefish Grill. Next time you have a scrumptious meal at Bonefish Grill, you can find his aluminum murals, 3-D copper mangroves and the strange hostess lamp in the restaurant.

Now, lets take a look at some of his other pieces of artwork…

John Lemon Artwork

And here is another…

John Lemon Artwork

Now that you are familiar with John’s artwork, let me inform you a little about his background. John graduated with a Masters of Fine Art from the University of Chicago. He had an eleven-year career in teaching art history at De Paul University where he led seven student art tours to Western Europe. Later, he left his teaching career to start his full-time art career. He has traveled the country doing art shows and has provided sculpture to major corporations (which I mentioned above).

To create his art, John uses plasma cutters, various welders and other tools. The finishes include bare metal ground or polished, painted metal, and, with copper, an acid Verde Gris finish.

Currently, John and his wife, Sandra, enjoy participating in art and craft shows. They love meeting their customers face-to-face. The social aspect of art and craft shows allows them to make use of public feedback to help them be better artists.

If you would like to see more of John Lemon‘s artwork, you can visit his website HERE.

We are very excited for the craft festival this weekend in Venice, and we cannot wait to see other artists who are just as talented as John Lemon.

Come spend your Labor Day weekend with us at the 2nd Annual Downtown Venice Labor Day Weekend Craft Festival!

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